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The board of directors is responsible for supervising the overall operation of our company. Chaired by our CEO Lorenzo H. Zambrano, the board consists of ten directors, seven of which qualify as independent directors as defined by Mexican securities law.

Under Mexican securities law, at least 25% of our board members must qualify as independent directors. The members of our board of directors serve for one-year terms.

Our current board of directors, as elected during our 2014 Annual Shareholder's Meeting held on March 20, 2014, is constituted as follows:


Lorenzo H. Zambrano
Chairman of the Board

Rogelio Zambrano Lozano

Tomás Milmo Santos

Independent Members

Armando J. García Segovia

Rodolfo García Muriel

Roberto Zambrano Villarreal

Dionisio Garza Medina

José Manuel Rincón Gallardo

Rafael Rangel Sostmann

Francisco Javier Fernandez Carbajal


Ramiro Villarreal Morales
(not a member of the board)

For more information about our board of directors, please refer to our Form 20-F available in our Reports page.

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