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CEMEX Global Solutions

At CEMEX Global Solutions we provide our customers the best value proposition in a full range of services, available worldwide to the cement, ready-mix concrete, and aggregates industry. We offer our customers more than a century of successful experience in plant assessment, engineering and projects, and operation and maintenance, among other services.

Engineering and Projects

From designing and expanding to maintaining and upgrading facilities—we deliver projects on time, on specs, and on budget.

Plant Optimization

We analyze our clients’ operations and identify opportunities for process optimization to maximize their business success.

Operation and Maintenance

We provide the technical and operational skills to manage and maintain our clients’ assets effectively and competitively.

In-house Developed Technologies

We design, deploy, and implement efficient and effective technologies that foster the profitable, sustainable growth of our clients’ businesses.

Customized Services

We offer the flexibility required to provide specialized products, technologies, and solutions—customized to meet our clients’ particular needs on demand.

Expertise Network

We manage an extensive database of experts highly skilled participating in our customized services.

Services Portfolio

Services Portfolio

CEMEX Global Solutions offers our customers an unparalleled value proposition across an extensive array of services in the worldwide cement, ready-mix concrete, and aggregates mining industry. More

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