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Sustainable Development

Our Philosophy

Throughout our history, we have sought to be a good corporate citizen with sustainability being an integral part of our business. Our management team continually works to enhance and execute our framework of sustainable development initiatives and as a global company, we are aware of our responsibility to address complex sustainability challenges.

Materiality Analysis

CEMEX faces an array of issues related to the operation of our business and how it impacts society. To ensure that we are focused on the most important issues, we conducted a materiality analysis. This analysis examined the potential impact of specific sustainability issues from both a stakeholder and a company perspective... More

Sustainability Model

Given the importance of the sustainability-related challenges that society is facing, CEMEX has integrated sustainability into its business strategy. With the help of our Sustainability Model, we are incorporating sustainability practices into all of our day-to-day operations and decision-making processes worldwide. Our model ensures that we concentrate our efforts and resources on the issues of highest relevance to our business and greatest concern to our stakeholders... More

Risk Management

A multitude of risks can affect CEMEX, its assets and employees, as well as our neighbors. Accordingly, we use risk management systems and tools to gather information from a range of sources, analyze the data, identify and assess potential risks, and then respond to them. Since 2007, these processes have included an evaluation of environmental, health, and safety risks.... More

Governance & Management

Our Board of Directors is responsible for supervising the company’s senior management team, which in turn oversees the overall operations of CEMEX... More


View a timeline of events illustrating CEMEX's approach to sustainability throughout its history... More


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