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Sustainable Development

Strengthening Communities

By engaging in ongoing dialogue, we understand the needs and concerns of the communities in which we operate. We then leverage our core business strengths, including our institutional knowledge and experience, our employees' talent and time, and our social investments, to support the social and economic development of those communities. Specifically, we contribute to disaster relief; promote employee volunteering; foster local environmental awareness; and support educational, cultural, and sports activities.

Community and Stakeholders Relations Organizational Structure

Empowerment and self-sufficiency springs from access to knowledge as well as physical and financial resources. CEMEX has created structures, models, mechanisms, tools, reports, evaluations and a Development Center for Sustainable Communities in order to contribute to our communities development. Through the implementation of participative diagnostics and partnerships with private enterprises, governments and academic institutions, CEMEX has created initiatives that help people in emerging markets to develop skills and capabilities so that they can gain knowledge to save money for housing, start a business, build homes and infrastructure and help improve community services. We also look to empower women, youth, urban projects and the environment.

Our social initiatives are by necessity implemented at the country and site level, but the chain of responsibility and monitoring extends to CEMEX’s top management team and Board of Directors.

Line management is responsible for identifying initiatives as well as for creating social models that can be extrapolated and adapted to the different needs of all the countries in which we operate. The Vicepresidency of Corporate Affairs and Enterprise Risk Management is responsible to follows up the progress and most relevant challenges and communicate these to Executive Vicepresidency of Finance and Administration who in turn reports to our CEO.

Community and Stakeholders Relations Organizational Structure

High Impact Social Programs

CEMEX leverages its core business strengths—institutional knowledge and experience, employees’ talent and time, and capital—to support the social and economic development of communities in ways that foster self-reliance and empowerment... More

Community Support

As a global company and building materials provider, we know that we can play a significant role in the communities in which we operate... More


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